What Can/Can't The YCAO Do?

The Advocate Office can support, assist, inform and advise children and youth with respect to government services including:

  • Provide information and advice related to how to effectively access government services and any process for review of decisions respecting the service;
  • Work with the child or youth to ensure that their views and preferences are heard and considered;
  • Promote the rights and interests of the child or youth to be safe, healthy, educated and heard;
  • Work with the child or youth to resolve issues using an informal dispute resolution process.

Other functions included but not limited to:

Review and provide advice in respect of an issue to the department, First Nation service authority or school board in regards to a policy or systemic issue that the Advocate Office notes to be of public interest.

The Legislative Assembly or a Minister may refer to the Advocate Office to review and report on any matter relating to the provision of designated services.

A First Nation government or municipality may request that the Advocate Office perform their primary role for a child or young person receiving or eligible to receive programs or services provided by the First Nation or the municipality.

What we can't do

  • Influence or override decisions made by government organizations that service children and youth in care;
  • Provide child protection services;
  • Speak for children and youth in a court of law or influence a legal decision that has been made in their regard;
  • Take action or interfere with a tribunal or court process that has jurisdiction in regards to the programs or services for children and youth;
  • Represent children in custody and access matters;
  • Change custody and access arrangements.

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