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Out of Territory Treatment

In 2016, YCAO reviewed advocacy issues for children and youth who were sent out of the Territory for placement and treatment. The Advocate presented the concerns to the Department of Health and Social Services in August 2016. 

"It's really important that kids want to go because it can be traumatizing for the kids to be away from their loved ones and family because it can be emotional for them." 

- 15 year old youth, after out of territory treatment



Encourage youth participation in treatment plans, especially Out of Territory referrals; involve children and youth in the decision in a way that supports their development and their capacity

Provide developmentally and culturally appropriate family focused stabilization for individual needs of youth in Yukon

Enhance preventative interventions such as increased in-home support for families

Coordinate resources and monitor supports for children and youth with mental health problems or complex special needs

Assessment and recognition of the history of residential schools and inter-generational child welfare experiences of children and families

Continue to examine Out of Territory referrals, placements and reintegration back to Yukon; examine statistics as well as youth experiences

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