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Teacher and Student

What is an advocate? 

YCAO values the input of children and youth, believing that all children and youth can and should be active participants in their own lives, and that engaged children and youth are potential future leaders.  

Advocacy means working to ensure your rights, interests, and viewpoints are considered when decisions are made that will affect your well-being. An advocate is here to stand beside you to ensure that you have the opportunity to be fully heard.

The primary goal of advocacy is to elevate your voice. 

How can an advocate assist you ?

Ensure you have the opportunity to participate in decision-making & planning for your future

Focus on the issues you identify & answering questions

Help you understand your rights 

Discuss how disagreements can be voiced to achieve better outcomes

Listening & creating a safe environment for you to discuss your concerns

Explain to you how government systems work & how they can be best navigated 

Stay involved until you feel there has been a meaningful resolution to your concerns

Help empower you to be your own advocate

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