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Advocacy in Bloom! YCAO release their 2017-18 Annual Report

October 2, 2018

Copies of the 2017-18 Annual Report for the Yukon Child and Youth Advocate Office, Advocacy in Bloom, are being distributed throughout the Yukon this week. The report is a review of the Advocate Office’s operations from April 1st, 2017 to March 31st 2018. The report discusses achievements and goals in their three main areas of focus which include: individual advocacy, systemic advocacy and public education.

YCAO continues to see a steady increase in the number of advocacy issues brought to the office. In this past year there has been a further 56% increase in individual advocacy issues addressed by the office. The majority of those issues have been brought to their attention by parents and caregivers; it is the hope of the YCAO that more youth will learn about the office through public education activities such as Yukon Rookie League, a youth lead program incorporating culture and baseball.

Child and Youth Advocate Annette King states “the experience of being heard can empower a child or youth…engaging a young person provides them with a sense of control, which can lead to improvements in their overall wellbeing”.

The report is available at YCAO on Second Avenue and online at

The Child and Youth Advocate Office is an independent office of the Legislative Assembly. The operations of the office are guided by the Child and Youth Advocate Act. Children, youth or others concerned about a child or youth receiving services within Yukon Government can contact the Child and Youth Advocate Office at (867) 456-5575.


Annette King

Child and Youth Advocate

Yukon Child and Youth Advocate Office

(867) 456-5575


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