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Child and Youth Advocate releases annual report 2022-23

FOR RELEASE – November 2, 2023

Child and Youth Advocate releases annual report

The Yukon Child and Youth Advocate Office Annual Report 2022/23 was tabled in the Legislative Assembly on November 2nd, 2023. The report, Building Blocks to Children’s Rights, highlights the work of the office from April 1 st, 2022 to March 31st, 2023. The theme of the report underscores the need to work together to find creative solutions that build children and youth up.

“We are continuing to see a high number of issues for children and youth trying to access government services,” said Annette King, Yukon Child and Youth Advocate, “the issues are widespread, and while the volume of issues has been steady, the number of referrals for new [to our office] children and youth has tripled this year.”

In addition to comprehensive data on individual advocacy, highlights of the report include:

• Key findings from Responding to Sexualized Abuse in Yukon Schools: Review of Policies and Governmental Response, and information about YCAO’s review of Yukon government’s response to the use of restraints and isolation spaces at Jack Hulland Elementary School;

• An overview of the Territorial Youth Strategy being championed by Yukon youth and Communities Building Youth Futures;

• An opportunity for community members to provide feedback on a forthcoming review of the Child and Youth Advocate Act;

• Updates on the work of the Canadian Council for Child and Youth Advocates on a national scale; and,

• Youth success stories!

“The Territorial Youth Strategy is a beacon of light amid the disheartening cases we are seeing in our individual advocacy work. The resiliency of children and youth never ceases to amaze me,” said King. “These kids are telling us what they need to thrive. It is time for youth service providers to work collectively to implement the Strategy. I know we can get there, one brick at a time.”

The annual report will be available at the Yukon Child & Youth Advocate Office at 2070 2nd Avenue, and online at

The Child and Youth Advocate Office is an independent office of the Legislative Assembly that promotes the views and rights of young people. The operations of the office are guided by the Child and Youth Advocate Act. Children, youth or individuals concerned about a child or youth eligible to receive services within Yukon Government can contact the Child and Youth Advocate Office at (867) 456-5575.


Rachel Veinott-McKeough

Policy & Systemic Advocacy Analyst

Yukon Child and Youth Advocate Office

(867) 456-5575


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